Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things That Are Annoying Me Today

I am feeling great today, actually! The sun is shining, I got to be with my sis and mom, and I have a lot to be thankful for! Yay, right? As long as I keep the little irritants off my chest, anyway. Here are a few things that annoy me today...
1) The Casey Anthony trial. My heart breaks for her parents, man (and all others involved BESIDES Casey, and her legal team).
2) Guys who just DO NOT get IT! STILL!!! If you have to trick a girl into being alone with you, it's time to re-evaluate your life.
3) People who post on FB more than 3 or 4x per day. Especially about the same shit.
4) People who tag me in photos that i'd never care to see (the pics, not the person) (well, sometimes the person, too).
5) Mapquest Driving Directions.
6) The Skype program I have been trying to "uninstall" for 2 months now.
7) The racoon that keeps getting into my trash on the porch. Why can't you just let me be lazy and take it to the dumpster in the morning? Grrr.... Enjoy your tampon applicator dinner, you little fucker!
8) Spam Mail
9) itunes store
10) The key-maker guy at wal-mart, cause
A-I had to stand and wait while watching him take over a minute and a half to walk from 3 aisles down, into the auto dept., and around the counter.
B-He then tells me that he is "OUT" of standard keys, so i'll have to pick one of the $5.50 ones covered in sparkle-paint and rhinestones, or leopard print BS.
C-He then hit on me while making my key (and taking his sweet time, here too).
D-Almost "forgot" to give me my original back.
E-Moaned/grunted as I walked away.
11) USAA website for
A-NEVER remembering my password for me
B-Refusing my new password SEVEN TIMES before I'd entered the proper amount/number of characters/uppercase and lowercase letters/characters/symbols/all in a certain order. WHY THE FUCK don't they just post 2 or 3 lines, listing all the rules you must abide by when choosing ur password, so it doesn't take 47 tries first!
12) The dude in front of me at the gas station who left behind a puddle of ice/soda on the counter for me to set my wallet in.
13) People on dating/singles sites who
A-Don't feel the need to post a pic
B-Post a pic that is unclear/too far away to see their face accurately
C-Post the generic "snappin one of my hot "athletic" bod in the bathroom mirror, while flexing for ya, baby" Gross.
D-Post the creepy pic of them while driving their car. We're talkin' sunglasses on, seat-belt choking them, tie on goin to work, earpiece in, ZERO smile. What is this shit about, anyway?
E-Either/or post pics in which I cannot see their teeth situation (a smile), or what's under their hat.
14) Google search for ALWAYS pointing out, "bold-ing", italacizing, and mocking my mis-spellings.

THAT'S IT!!! If you are also annoyed by any/all of these things, HOLLA!!!

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